At BLUESEA, quality is our priority. We care for people, protect the environment, support the community, and manage our business responsibly. All of this is done with passion because at BLUESEA, we are a committed family, dedicated to you and to a better world.

Care of People

At BLUESEA, we understand that our success is based on people: we work with and for them. As part of our community, the human factor is essential. We are firmly committed to caring for each person, creating an environment of respect, inclusion, and development, both for our employees and our clients. At BLUESEA, caring for people is our priority.



At Grupo BLUESEA, we prioritize the training and requalification of our employees, especially in areas such as restoration, to improve their perception and attractiveness. Our annual training plan ensures their professional development. We focus on job stability, equality, and fair remuneration, addressing challenges in talent retention and reducing labor turnover.

We promote a balance between work and personal life with flexible schedules and support during pregnancy and parenting. We seek a stimulating, equitable, and respectful work environment, where merit is valued. At Grupo BLUESEA, a good working environment is fundamental to the success of our employees and the company.

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At Grupo BLUESEA, we deeply value our relationship with suppliers, considering them key in our value chain. For supplier selection, we rely on criteria such as quality, price, technical characteristics, and efficiency. Our suppliers ensure that products and services meet BLUESEA's high standards of quality and excellence, aligned with our mission, vision, and values.

All suppliers must go through an approval process to work with us. We pay special attention to the fulfillment of contractual obligations, essential for profitable and lasting relationships. Additionally, we collaborate with external departments for specific needs such as surveillance, lifeguarding, and events.

We are committed to supporting local suppliers, promoting local purchasing to contribute to the development of the communities where we operate. Most of our suppliers are, therefore, local, reinforcing our commitment to community and sustainable development.



At Grupo BLUESEA, we prioritize the satisfaction and safety of our customers. We strive to offer a high-quality experience, taking their opinions and suggestions seriously to constantly improve our services. We conduct regular checks to ensure water quality and food safety, as well as rigorously protecting the personal data of our guests.

We are committed to active listening, receiving feedback from our customers through various channels, including satisfaction surveys. These surveys are fundamental to our service evaluation and help us continuously adapt and improve our offer and customer service. At BLUESEA, every detail counts to ensure a safe, comfortable, and memorable stay for our guests.

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Care for the Environment

BLUESEA is committed to responsible management of its environmental impact, a fundamental aspect for the sustainability of its business. We focus on innovation, the implementation of advanced technology, and the efficiency of our facilities. These are the key pillars of our commitment to reducing the environmental effects of our operations.



At Grupo BLUESEA, we are fully committed to the challenge of climate change, aware of its relevance to the sustainability of our environment and business.

Our approach is directed towards ecological practices and reducing our carbon footprint. We implement measures such as the use of renewable energies and the optimization of resources, integrating sustainable practices into our operations and the activities we offer to our clients. Additionally, we actively promote environmental awareness. This commitment to the environment is a key pillar in our mission to contribute to a greener and more sustainable future, reflecting our responsibility and dedication to a healthier planet.

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At Grupo BLUESEA, efficient and responsible management of resources like water and energy is at the core of our sustainability initiatives. We are committed to actively reducing the use of these essential resources, implementing tactics and technologies that allow us to achieve a more ecological and sustainable operation.

Regarding energy, we are focused on a progressive transition to low-consumption lighting systems and the adoption of cleaner energies. This change is part of our ongoing effort to reduce energy consumption and strengthen our commitment to a sustainable and environmentally friendly future.



At Grupo BLUESEA, we understand the importance of responsible waste management to minimize our environmental footprint. Our focus is on waste reduction, segregation, and recycling, coordinated by our Purchasing department.

One of our notable actions is the conversion of used cooking oil in our kitchens into biodiesel, used in our hotels in Mallorca and the Canary Islands. Additionally, we are committed to eliminating single-use plastics, replacing them with more sustainable options like biodegradable and compostable packaging, as well as fabric All Inclusive bracelets.

We have also implemented the ECOCUP system in all our hotels, where we offer customers reusable polypropylene cups and refillable glass bottles, thereby reducing the use of disposable plastics. These measures are part of our commitment to more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

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At Grupo BLUESEA, we tackle food waste as an ethical and management challenge, focusing on a more efficient use of resources. Our strategy includes streamlining purchases to align them with real needs, thus reducing excess. At the reception, we closely monitor food products to detect and correct anomalies that may lead to waste.

We implement effective waste control, making use of cuttings in new preparations. We also maintain accurate inventory tracking, communicating any deviations to the Food and Beverage manager and the area delegate. These measures reflect our commitment to reducing food waste, contributing to more sustainable and responsible management.

Care of the Community

At BLUESEA Hotels, our community is essential. As active members of local associations and provincial hotel committees, we engage in important discussions that affect the community and the hotel industry. Collaborating with the community and local authorities is crucial to us because we believe in the positive impact we can achieve together. We take pride in being an active part of its development.



At BLUESEA Hotels, we staunchly and consistently advocate for human rights. We are committed to promoting and protecting these rights in all our activities and relationships. This includes our adherence to international documents such as the International Bill of Human Rights, the fundamental conventions of the International Labour Organization, and the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism by UNWTO.

In our approach, we aim to ensure that all individuals, whether employees or customers, are treated with dignity and fairness, regardless of their background, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. Our goal is to create an environment where everyone feels respected and safe.

At BLUESEA Hotels, human rights are a fundamental pillar of our philosophy and commitment. We continuously work to improve our practices and contribute to the respect for these rights in the tourism sector.

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At BLUESEA Hotels, we are on a constant mission to make a difference in our society. Our commitment to human rights advocacy and social integration is reflected in strong collaborations with organizations such as Proyecto Hombre, Cruz Roja, Fundación Deixalles, and Asocide. Through these partnerships, we work tirelessly to support the treatment, rehabilitation, and socio-labor reintegration of individuals seeking to rebuild their lives.

Beyond being a hotel chain, we are an active part of the community. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for those who need it most. We take pride in being a positive force for change, and our social commitment is a fundamental pillar of our business philosophy.

Care for our Governance Practices

At BLUESEA, sustainability is built on strong governance practices, focused on regulatory compliance and ethical management to ensure the integrity and sustainability of the business. We promote transparency and accountability throughout the organization, ensuring compliance with regulations and fostering an ethical culture.



At BLUESEA, corporate sustainability is essential for our business. As part of our strategy, we consistently identify and assess financial risks that could impact our performance. This includes credit risk, liquidity risk, and market risk. Our commitment lies in anticipating adverse circumstances and protecting the value of our investment. To achieve this, we have robust risk control and management mechanisms that allow us to maintain the financial stability of the company.

Our governing bodies are dedicated to this task, ensuring that we are prepared for any eventuality. The proactive identification and control of risks are essential for the long-term sustainability of BLUESEA, enabling us to continue delivering quality and excellence in our services and making a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate.

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BLUESEA is committed to effective risk control and the implementation of good governance practices. To achieve this, we have established a series of internal documents that govern our operations and ensure the integrity of our business. These documents include policies and codes such as the Human Resources Policy, Code of Ethics, Information Security Policy, Internal Code of Conduct, Policy for Relations with Stakeholders, among others.

Each of these documents plays a crucial role in risk management and the promotion of an ethical corporate culture. We strive to maintain high standards of integrity and transparency in all our activities, which strengthens sustainability and trust among our employees, partners, and customers. At BLUESEA, risk control and the implementation of best practices are essential to our commitment to business excellence and corporate responsibility.



At BLUESEA, our commitment to compliance goes beyond what is required by the current regulatory framework. Since 2019, we have embarked on a process to define our Compliance model, with the primary goal of promoting and strengthening an organizational culture rooted in ethical compliance. This approach aims to establish effective control mechanisms and reduce the chances of committing criminal acts within our Group.

The approval of the Compliance Manual and related documents marks a milestone in our commitment to integrity and regulatory compliance. Furthermore, we have appointed a Compliance Officer responsible for overseeing and monitoring the prevention of criminal activities. This measure reinforces our determination to ensure that our operations are ethical, transparent, and compliant with current regulations, thereby contributing to sustainability and trust in BLUESEA.

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In 2019, BLUESEA took an additional step in its commitment to compliance by creating the function of INTERNAL AUDIT. This function is responsible for ensuring effective internal control of the compliance model across all BLUESEA centers and offices. Internal auditing is tasked with identifying potential weaknesses and proposing improvements to the criminal compliance model, thereby ensuring prevention and risk minimization at all times.

The incorporation of the internal audit function reflects our strong commitment to integrity and self-control in all our operations. We continually strive to strengthen our internal processes and ensure that our ethical standards are upheld at every level of the organization, contributing to sustainability and trust in BLUESEA.