The largest Balearic Island, Majorca has been for decades, and remains to this day, a brilliant destination. Visit Majorca and revel in relaxed beach life, jump into water parks and heritage sites, and sample the delicious local produce.


A holiday to Tenerife is one of those delicious things that can simply be whatever you want it to be. There’s no best time to visit Tenerife. . This volcanic island is a land of extremes: the largest island of the Canaries; the highest peak in Spain; craggy volcanic landscapes contrasting soft sandy beaches.


Lanzarote is a destination of great diversity, making it suitable for families as well. Visit this Canary Island and experience its landscapes of lava, stunning green valleys, and beautiful beaches. With 300 volcanoes, Lanzarote is perfect for explorers.


Costa Brava is a paradise for relaxation and one of the most beautiful places on the Spanish coast. Costa Brava is popular for many reasons, but above all for its beautiful sandy beaches, wooded landscapes, and family-friendly restaurants.


Enjoy a refreshing sun and beach vacation on the wonderful island of Fuerteventura. Relax on some of its spectacular white sandy beaches and live unforgettable experiences. Discover the most charming corners that this fantastic destination can offer you.


Some of the best beaches around, sunny summers, warm winters – ‘The Sunshine Coast’ really does live up to its name. And it’s easy to see why the Costa del Sol has always been such a popular destination.



Located at the foot of the Atlas Mountains, our hotel in Marrakech will provide you with the tranquility you seek after exploring this bustling city. Stroll through Marrakech and discover its charms, flavors, and traditions before relaxing in the shade of a palm tree by the hotel's pool.


If there was ever a city that just gets it right, it’s MadridA fantastic destination for a captivating city break, Madrid is jam-packed with things to do. You’ll find yourself swept along in Madrid’s vitality the moment you arrive. Think effortless glamour, legendary nightlife and soul-stirring music.