BLUESEA HOTELS has created a team of professionals to implement a series of hygiene, safety and health actions in all its hotels and apartments, in order to take care of our customers, suppliers and business partners, and to protect our valuable environment.



COVID-19 has put us and other hoteliers to the test, by motivating us to draw up an action protocol that represents a new form of collective care, present in all the activities, spaces and services that we offer in our establishments. And we have done so by making the most of our experience as professionals in the field of tourism, following the rules established by national and international health and hygiene organisations, as well as with the advice of expert companies in risk prevention.


We seek for a clean and safe environment for you and your family. All the measures have been implemeented in each of our hotels and apartments, and in each of our services. These are the bases on which our protocol has been developed.

Safety distance, use of common areas and traffic distribution, max. capacity reduction and extensión of opening hours

One of the main criteria on which we have based the development of these protocols is the rational use of space to ensure the safety distance. For this we have taken measures such as implementing signs to avoid crowds, the use of open spaces to increase the physical distances, the increase in the space betwen sun loungers by the pool areas, the reduction in the number of tables by the bars and restaurants, as well as the extensión of the opening hours to increase our guest’s safety and peace of mind. These are some examples of the measures taken to ensure that both our customers and our employees can share a safe space.


Body temperature control

Another important point is the early detection of any possible symptoms. With the safety and welfare of our customers and employees we have implemented temperature controls.


Hygiene standards

One of the measures to which we have dedicated more efforts, as we are aware of how important this is the adaptation of our higiene standards to this new situation we are living. We have done so by the use of virucidal products, certified by the Ministry of Health, specific for the elimination of viruses and bacteria. Also by providing our staff with the obligatory protective equipment and facilitating the acquisition by clients in case they do not have their own. Reinforcing the preparation of our staff through training on the subjects of cleaning, hygiene and disinfection. Increasing the frequency of cleaning in common areas and work material.



Guaranteeing a safe environment

Our priority is to guarantee a safe environment, for which we have cleaning and disinfection certificates issued by external companies and approved by the Spanish Government. We guarantee strict compliance with WHO recommendations and specific protocols at national level. We facilitate access to health controls for our suppliers and staff. We guarantee the control, disinfection and safe storage of all products that arrive at our establishments, and we insist on the the efficient coordination of business activities with all our suppliers (C.A.E.)


Safety and hygiene in our kitchens, bars and restaurants to maintain the essence of our service

Our staff is subject to daily checks for preventive health and safety measures. In the establishments with "Show Cooking" we promote this service to limit the intervention of the clients. We replace elements of common use (cruets, salt shakers...) with monodose sachets. Our restaurant staff watch over the hygiene and safety of the customers. We mark the routes in our buffets to encourage the client's organised circulation. After each service we proceed to a deep sanitization. Because of our commitment to the environment, we continue to use the Eco-cup®. In the kitchen we reinforce the HACCP control system which has been updated within the COVID-19 context.



Special treatment for elements with high risk of contact

In order to avoid possible risks, we remove the decorative textile elements in rooms and common areas to avoid the concentration of viruses and bacteria and we also remove the amenities.


Innovative experience

At BLUESEA we count on technology to give the best service with the highest levels of safety. We have decided to reduce the use of paper as much as possible, replacing the menus of bars and restaurants by digital formats which are easily accessible with QR codes. We have also enabled access to hygiene and safety standards for our customers, to access from their mobile devices. Security is everyone's responsibility.


Ongoing staff training

The last and perhaps the most important point is the continuous training of our staff to correctly carry out the cleaning, disinfection and security tasks. Also to guarantee that our staff knows the designed contingency plan and their responsibility within the risk management framework.



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