The rich region of Berkane has everything you need to enjoy holidays as you want them, as there are many activities for you to try.

If what you are looking for is sun and sea, Saïdia is where you must stay. Its soft climate and coast in the warm Mediterranean Sea guarantee some relaxing holidays if lying down in the sand and watching how time flies sound like a good plan. You can also enjoy a boat trip to the Chafarinas islands, a natural protected reserve.

The adventurous ones can choose whether go hiking to the Beni Snassen mounts, where they will find some typical restaurants, visit the Camel Cave or the picturesque park of Moulouya, where it’s common to find pink Flamingos .

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Blue Sea Hotels a Berkane

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Located in the northern coast of Morocco and bathed by the blue waves of the Mediterranean, Saïdia is the perfect place to enjoy some relaxing holidays. With all the comfort in your hands, you must only think about whether you should walk along its long, golden sandy beaches...