Agadir coastline, Morocco

Atlantic Coast

The Atlantic Coast of Morocco is a sparkling destination of powder white sand, warm lapping waves, fascinating fortified towns and unique Moroccan charm. Offering a wide range of hotels, from modern high-rises to traditional style riads and everything in between, the region provides the perfect mix of relaxation and alluring sights and activities.

With a climate of wonderfully mild winters and scorching summers, the Atlantic coast of Morocco is a mecca for sun lovers. World-class beach resorts line the coast, with Agadir leading the way as the number beach holiday hotspot. And with many hotels boasting glamorous swimming pools and luxurious spas, it’s a great choice for rest and relaxation.

Those looking for more than just sunbathing won’t be disappointed either. The Atlantic Coast is a mecca for sports lovers, with everything from surfing to quad-biking on offer by the hotels and centres along the coast. Shopping opportunities range from boutiques to traditional souks and excursions are aplenty too, with many of Morocco’s cultural and historic wonders within easy reach of the hotels and resorts.

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Blue Sea Hotels in Atlantic Coast

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Agadir offer a glamorous blend of spice and hospitality, with the stunning golden beach just moments away. With its Blue Flag status and wide boulevards, pristine Agadir beach has turned the area into a leading holiday destination.