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Blue Sea Hotels in Spain

The consistently warm temperatures, beautiful beaches and delicious cuisine are only a small part of what makes Spain one of the most popular tourist destinations for Europeans year after year. From all-inclusive to self-catering options, our hotels in Spain offer relaxation and entertainment in abundance.

The wide range of affordable Spain hotels by Blue Sea Hotels & Resorts mean that whatever you’re looking for from your holiday, a hotel in Spain is the perfect choice. Love the idea of a leisurely beach escape or a bustling city break? Spain offers it all - and more!

Blue Sea Hotels in Morocco

Hotels in Morocco offer a gateway to the spices, scents and scenery of this North African hotspot. From the Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines to the vast Sahara, with bustling souks and a scorching climate thrown in too, Morocco is the ideal exotic escape minus the tiring long-haul flight.

Morocco hotels by Blue Sea Hotels & Resorts boast a whole host of traditional features and luxury services, providing a comfortable base to explore this exotic treasure trove on your holidays.